STR Team Members


Julian Cooper, President

Julian Cooper is a founding member of Limbs and Things, Inc. in Savannah GA and has been in and around the industry for more than two decades. He has a BA in Economics and an MBA. As the General Manager and Partner, he is responsible for the daily operations of STR and positive outcomes for all STR customers. His personal statement which resonates more today than ever, “It is when the outcome is uncertain that the courageous move forward.”


Paul Allen, Vice President

Paul Allen has 15 years of experience in Medical Simulation. He has held integral positions with MEDAPHOR, Cardionics and Kyoto Kagaku. Paul has built trusted relationships at; medical universities, nursing schools, community colleges as well as the military.  He will always deliver Simulation Equipment which deliver maximum utility.  His philosophy:  “Envision well-trained medical professionals saving lives and never forget, as suppliers, our vital role in the training process.”