Skin Stapling Practice Trainer (Skin Stapling & Removing Skin Staples)
Suturing Practice Skin with Wounds
Sticky Stoma Model for Ostomy Care (CHILD)
Sticky Stoma Model for Ostomy Care (ADULT)
Bed Sores, 1st to 4th Stage
Sticky Stoma Model for Ostomy Care (CHILD)
Set of Sticky 4 Grades of Burns Wounds
Set of 24 Sticky Wounds
Caesarean Section Wound (C-SECTION)
Pair of Sticky Pitting Edema
Newborn Nursing Simulator
Premture (Preterm) Newborn
Newborn Screening Test (Heel Prick Test)
Intravenous (IV) Pad
Intravenous Hand (IV)
Intravenous Arm (IV)
Subcutaneous Injection Pad, Wearable
Intramuscular Injection Pad, Wearable
Intradermal (ID) Injection Pad
Paediatric Wearable Injection Abdoment (Belly)
Wearable Injection Abdoment (Belly)
Gluteal Intramuscular Injection Site with Bones.
Head for Simulation of Oral and Nasal Swabs
Breast Lactation Simulator
Breast Simulator
MultiPad 1
MultiPad 2