MW48 Full Perinatal Patient Care Simulator “Hana”


The Full Perinatal Patient Care Simulator “Hana” is a training manikin that covers from gestational to post­natal periods. The “Hana” has been developed for the training of medical and paramedical professionals only. Any other use, or any use not in accordance with the enclosed instructions, is strongly discouraged. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any accident or damage resulting from such use.


Training manikin that covers from gestational to post-natal periods. Interchangeable abdomen to simulate perinatal examination, ultrasound examination at 23-weeks-fetus, cervical examination, labor, perineal tear, and puerperal.


  • Ultrasound examination
    • Screening of 23 weeks fetus
    • Fetal size assessment using BPD, AC, FL, and so on
    • Measurement of amniotic fluid volume
    • Determination of fetus presentation
  • Perinatal examination
    • Palpation(e.g. using Leopold’s maneuvers, cephalopelvic disproportion assessment)
    • Repositionable fetus
    • Auscultation of fetal sounds, with adjustable heart rates from 60 to 180
    • Measurable abdomen girth, fundal height, and external pelvimetry
  • Cervical examination
    • 5 types of cervical dilation models
    • Determination of bishop score (cervix score)
    • Check the fetal head position
  • During labor
    • Various positions: Supine, lateral, all-fours
    • Perineal protection
    • Cephalic and breech presentations
    • Obstetric forceps delivery and vacuum extraction delivery
    • Tying and cutting of the umbilical cord
    • Delivery of the placenta
    • Inspection of the amniotic sac
    • Insertion of urinary catheter
  • Perineal tear
    • Perineorrhaphy:
      single interrupted suture
      vertical mattress suture
    • Repetitive suture practice for first-degree perineal tear
  • Puerperal assessment
    • Assessment uterine involution in early puerperium: 4 types of variations
    • Measurement and palpation of the uterine fundus
    • Perineal cleaning and assessment
    • Postpartum massage
    • Assessment of anal prolapse
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