MW12 EAR Examination Simulator II


The new Ear Examination Simulator II is renovated to acquire safe and reliable skills in the examination of the external acoustic meatus and tympanic membrane with a direct otoscope. As new features, the model warns against painful insertion. The warning has two modes: self-learning mode (with a beep) and instructor mode (silent). The instructor mode is useful for OSCE or skills examination. Skills to be learned include safe use of an otoscope, differentiation of typical ear problems, and earwax/foreign body removal.


EAR II is an otoscopy simulator that focuses on patient safety.
With a sensitive alarm system, patient discomfort can be alerted when the otoscope was excessively inserted.

  1. Alarm against painful insertion
    – self-learning mode (with a beep)
    – instructor mode (silent)
  2. Major 9 cases are prepared (includes 1 normal)
  3. Quick switching between cases
  4. 2 sizes of ear canals (normal and stenosis)
  5. Anatomically correct soft ear model that allows training in straightening the auditory canal by pulling the auricle
  6. Training with a real otoscope
  7. The manikin neck can be tilted

Training skills / Applications

Ear examination with a direct otoscope
Ear wax and foreign body removal

Case / Pathology

  • normal
  • serious otitis media(SOM)
  • mucoid otitis media (AOM)
  • cholesteatoma
  • tympanosclerosis
  • traumatic perforations

Set includes

  • 1 manikin head and shoulder
  • 1set of foreign body removal kit simulated ear wax, small toys, small sponge fragments and a
  • 1 spoon instruction manual
  • 1 type of ear units-1 pair each
    -exam ear(normal)
    -exam ear(stenosis)
    -FB ear(normal)
    -FB ear(stenosis)
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